HMI Wearing and Bearing Products

HMI Wearing and Bearing Products is a supplier of high quality, laminated plastic, wearing and bearing products for Hydro, Marine and Industrial applications.

The superior physical and mechanical properties of HMI composites make it an excellent selection for applications where lubrication is limited or non existent, and where aggressive, abrasive environments, limit the life expectancy of other products.

HMI Hydro supplied products have been extensively tested by Powertech Labs, to the US Army Corps of Engineers test requirements for Hydro applications, and have been approved by the Corps for application in Hydro and Lock Gate projects.

Results of these tests are available upon request.

HMI Hydro Applications

  • Wicket Gate Bushings
  • Wicket Gate Thrust Washers
  • Wicket Gate Linkage Bearings
  • Operating Ring Wear Pads
  • Pelton Needle Bushings
  • Kaplan Runner Journal Bushings
  • Main Guide Bearings
  • Servo Motor Bushings
  • Gate Roller and Trunnion Bushings
  • Gate Slide Pads
  • Trash Rake Bearings and Wear Pads
  • Fish Screen Bearings and Wear Pads
  • Segmented Shaft Seals

HMI Industrial Applications

  • Screw Conveyor Hanger Bearings
  • Hydraulic Wear Rings
  • Journal Bearings
  • Vertical and Horizontal Pump Bearings
  • Vertical Pump Thrust Bearings
  • Kiln Cart Roller Bushings
  • Bridge Pivot Wear Pads
  • Lock Gate Bushings and Pintle Bearings
  • Valve Shaft Bearings
  • Ski Lifts
  • Amusement Park Bushings and Wear Pads
  • Sewage Treatment plant Bushings and Wear Pads


Standard Products

Wear Pads and Strips

Lantern Rings

Standard Tubes and Sheets

HMI Gate Seals

Main Guide Bearing Oil Mist Restrictor Seal

Main Guide Bearing Oil Mist Restrictor Seal